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Whether you are planning to build, overhaul, or make minor changes, these bathroom trends for 2015 are sure to impress!

1. Floor tiles: Make a statement with the tiles you choose. This is an affordable and simple option, especially if your bathroom is small.



2. Natural elements: The bathroom is your oasis to relax and get away. Using natural elements like rock, wood, or marble gives that Zen and calming vibe. People are also starting to incorporate more plant life and flowers into their bathing spaces. Vertical gardens on a feature wall may be just the touch your bathroom needs!


3. Open floor plan: Does your master suite feel cramped? Get rid of walls and create one large room for your retreat. Sliding doors are also popular to open and close off spaces.

open floor plan


4. Double showers: Give yourself some space and create a large shower area with unique water features and fixtures.



5. Freestanding bathtubs: These bathtubs become a focal point in your oasis. There are many shapes and sizes so you can go for a more angular look, or a soft and round shape.

Freestanding tub


Post Author: VanRossun