Clint & Isabel VanRossun

Clint has been working in construction and home remodels since 1987.  While working for a windows and siding company, Clint realized the vinyl siding being used at the time did not maintain its quality over time and there had to be a better way. A true innovator and entrepreneur, he decided to assemble a team of professionals who excelled in their craft, and not use any subcontractors in his business. 

"We do not use any subcontractors, they are skilled carpenters and workers who have been with me for a very long time, we even have their sons who work with us. We are generational." - Clint VanRossun

Clint met the love of his life, Isabel, and they were married in 2014.

Isabel helps run the day to day business as well as helps clients with design and runs a remodeling blog called, "Remodeling Unriddled" where she shares tips and tricks to help consumers avoid pitfalls in the remodeling industry. 

"Our clients actually love our people that come to their house. Our guys are very respectful and understand these are people's homes. The wonderful thing is, we don't have any turnover, which speaks volumes for us as far as who we are. - Isabel VanRossun