A Variety of Services for Home & Business Projects

At VanRossun Contracting, we offer a variety of services to help you with your remodeling projects. Our licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced professionals are here to help! We are a full service, all-in-one Design and Build remodeler. We can help you with most types of remodeling and upgrade needs you have for your home.

Whole and Partial Home Remodels

Does your entire house need a facelift or just the kitchen? VanRossun ContractingWhatever room or project you are thinking about doing, let us help. We can take a look at any project and give you an estimate on what it might cost do get the work done, and get it done right. Too often we hear stories about contractors who come out and don't finish a project. We will always finish your project in a timely fashion with a look of luxury you will love and that adds equity to your home.

Additions and Remodels

Generally, with any kind of addition or remodeling, especially those like Kitchen or Bathrooms (Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens), you will need a licensed and experienced professional. At VanRossun Contracting we have Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing team members to help upgrade electrical panels and add electrical wiring for outlets and lighting, add ductwork for cooling and heating, or add or alter existing plumbing. As a Full-Service Design and Build Contractor, we have people on staff who can help facilitate all of the associated repairs, replacements, and upgrades for your Additions and Complete Remodeling Projects.


Whether you have carpet that has seen better days or your hardwood floors are showing signs of wear, we can help. Our flooring experts are licensed professionals who will offer to do a walk through of your home or office to assess your situation and will provide you with solutions to repair or replace. So, whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, tile, stained concrete, no matter what, the professionals at VanRossun Contracting are here to help!

Replacement Windows and Siding

As time goes by, and with weather and wear, we know that siding and windows have an expiration date. With the extreme Texas heat constantly beating down on your home and periodic storming, a combination of wet and extreme heat can really wear on your homes exterior. Wood and vinyl rots eventually, this leaves your home exposed to the elements, inviting the outside world, weather, insects, critters and all, with a path into your home this may increase your energy costs and create an environment for nesting and breeding. At VanRossun Contracting, we can help you repair and replace old and worn siding and windows that will help you protect your home and energy efficiencies while enhancing the curb appeal of your home all at the same time!


VanRossun Contracting In the event that it’s time to replace Entry Doors or if you need to replace interior doors as a part of your remodeling project, we can help! We have a wide selection of options and styles to enhance the beauty and security of your home or business. We don't stop at Entry Doors though, we can replace any Interior Door as well a Patio Doors too!


Has your roof been taking a beating from hail or is severely worn? Compromised roofing will lead to water damage and mold in your home or business, our roofing experts can help you repair or replace your roofing. Our licensed professionals will come to your home or business to walk your roof to determine whether repair or replacement is needed and will walk you through your options. We also offer financing in the event you need to replace your roof, so don’t worry, we have you covered!

Decks, Patios and Fences

Do you have a deck or patio that has rotting wood, missing railing and stairs? We can help. We will visit your home or business to help assess the situation and provide you with affordable options to repair or replace your deck or patio. We also specialize in building custom patios, outdoor kitchens, and screened in porches. Enjoy your yard without being swarmed by pesk mosquitoes. 

Interior and Exterior Painting

Our painting professionals can help you with faded exterior paint, a fresh facelift to your home or business. If you have interior walls and ceilings that have seen better days, we can help you with your needs there too!


Thinking about adding some flair to your pool or outdoor area? While we can't build you a pool, we can build fire pits, retaining walls and waterfalls for your outdoor oasis.

Electric, HVAC, and Plumbing

As a part of our remodeling services, we offer a variety of repair and upgrade options for your remodeled or new living/recreational space. We have licensed, bonded, and insured professionals who can help with wiring and upgrading electrical panels, upgrading HVAC systems to handle more space and adding ductwork to ensure proper cooling and heating of new interior space, and plumbing to accommodate new sinks, showers, and toilets in kitchens and bathrooms. Whatever your need here, we have the staff to accommodate in any of your home or business addition or remodeling projects.

At VanRossun Contracting we offer financing for a variety of our services and offer Free On-Site Consultations and Estimates. So, call us today and we look forward to working with you!

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