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New recycled glass countertops can utilize up to 100% recycled materials and are as durable as marble or granite.  Crushed glass recycled from bottles, windshields, traffic lights and other sources that would otherwise end up in a landfill is mixed with concrete or a resin to give it a beautiful finish and strength to boot.  Not only do you get a stylish countertop, you also help the environment.

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Another benefit of recycled glass countertops is the creative appeal of every countertop being completely unique, utilizing different colors of glass and recycled concrete guarantees a one of a kind look that can be adapted for any room or style.  They are easy to clean with any natural cleaner and are stain and heat resistant as well.  When most people think about glass it doesn’t conjure up visions of durability and strength, but recycled glass countertops are exceptionally strong and resistant to cracking or chipping.  This is due to the cement binder agent used to hold the glass shards together.  They have no environmental impact even after their life span they can be recycled to make another glass countertop.

Currently their are more options that use new glass than recycled but the market is shifting toward the latter due to consumer trends.  The most popular type of recycled glass countertop is made to look like terrazzo marble.  These are manufactured with both post consumer glass chips and recycled concrete.  Other styles include Ceramic tile and contain up to 70% recycled materials.  Ceramic tile with recycled glass provides a scratch proof surface that is both durable and easy to install.  Ceramic is often similar in price to medium grade traditional tile making it good for customers on a budget.

If you enjoy the look of colored glass and want to be environmentally friendly at the same time then recycled glass countertops might be right up your alley.  They offer a unique way to add a creative flair or a splash of color to your kitchen.

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