We Can Help with Any Home Addition Project

At VanRossun Contracting we specialize in a number of different types of Home Additions. Whether you’re looking to convert a garage into living space or want to add an entirely new room to your home, we can help you with your home addition project. Our experienced professionals can help you throughout the entire Design and Build process. We have licensed, insured, and bonded team members who can help with each phase of your project. Everything from the design and plans, to specialist for electrical wiring and plumbing, to carpenters and drywall, down to windows, flooring and trim, we provide you with an all in one solution to help you from start to finish!

House Additions/Room Additions

This is a great option for homeowners who are looking to add an additional room to their home. Whether this consists of adding a dining room or family room, another bedroom, or a master or extra bathroom, a game room or whatever it is you desire to use this new extra space for, VanRossun Contracting can help you with your Home Addition project.

Bump Out Additions

Bump Out Additions are options for when you are looking to extend the space of a pre-existing room in the house that you feel is too small, or doesn’t accommodate the space you need for its primary purpose of use. We can help you through the planning process and can help you with areas of your home that you wish to extend or make larger.

Secondary “In-Law” Suite

If you are looking to create an accessory residence on your property for frequently visiting relatives, friends, or business associates, VanRossun Contracting can assist with this type of project. Secondary suites can have their own kitchen, bathroom, and living area that can either be attached or detached from the primary residence. This can be a convenient alternative to a Room Addition if you’d like to give those using this space their own mini home away from home at your residence. Great for affording additional privacy and even some separation if you have that one family member that you can only take in moderation. No matter its purpose, VanRossun Contracting is your go to solution for Secondary Suite Additions!

Garage Conversions

For those who rarely use their garage or don’t need it for its purpose, we can help you convert your garage into actual living space. So, whether you wish to convert this room into an office, your own personal gym, a game room, or an additional bedroom we can help with your garage conversion no matter its purpose.

Sunroom and Screened in Porch Additions

Sunrooms are a great option for creating additional space adjoined to your home for the purpose of leisure and relaxation. With thermal-resistant glass, you can enjoy a sense of being outside without the discomfort of it being too hot or cold and without having to ward off pesky insects like mosquitoes.

We can also screen in an existing porch and build you a whole new one!

Conservatory Additions

Similar to sunrooms in sense, conservatories are better used for those who wish to showcase their flora while creating additional living space that you can also use for leisure and relaxation.

At VanRossun Contracting, we can help you with any type of home addition you are interested in building. Our team members are Austin’s best Design and Build team when it comes to Home Additions. We offer Free, In-Home Consultations and Free Estimates, so call us today to learn more. We look forward to working with you on your next home addition project!