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bathroom renovations fixturesBathrooms do not need to be filled with tile and porcelain. There are easy ways to add new textures and dimensions to make this place feel like an oasis. We love utilizing the following materials and ideas to make the space feel relaxing.

  1. Wood: Whether it is as a countertop, a wood entry way to your shower, or merely a wood wall, don’t remove this material from your list.
  2. Textured walls: Sand grained paint, dimensional wall paper, or painted iron tiles, the options are endless to add an element even to the smallest spaces. This trick can even be applied to one wall to make the place seem larger.
  3. Concrete: Concrete can be painted and polished, making for many different options. Aside from floors, countertops can be made out of concrete, just make sure sink can support it.

Post Author: VanRossun