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Austin Kitchen Remodel
Austin Kitchen Remodel

Earlier today I stumbled upon an article about “must-have” kitchen trends for the new year.   It had good food for thought for those of you thinking about a remodel. I’ll share some of the more interesting ideas with you here:

Reface, Don’t Replace – The cabinets are the face of the kitchen, and most directly influence the look and feel of the room. Replacing them can make the space seem new again. In the past few years, with consumers watching their budgets more closely, refacing has become a popular option. Experts say that when refacing this year, keep it simple and sleek to avoid high maintenance and take advantage of the increasing popularity of more minimalist design.

Colorful Cabinets – Who says your cabinets all have to be the same color? More and more consumers are deciding  to mix things up a little , and try a few different colors on their cabinets. This can give the kitchen a more dynamic feel and provide visual interest in an unexpected way.

Quartz Is The New Granite (for countertops) – Kitchen owners have a lot of choices for their countertops –  granite,  stone, concrete, tile, solid surface synthetics, laminate and specialty finishes all lend a different look and feel to your kitchen. This year, however,  designers are saying quartz and custom concrete will take spotlight, and for good reason. Quartz countertops are eye catching, no maintenance, and virtually ‘bullet proof’, while custom concrete offers an endless variety of textures and colors, and the ability to embed materials or designs right into the surface.

Going Hardwood In 2013 – Nothing makes a kitchen look more rundown than an old, discolored kitchen floor. If you are thinking about replacing yours, design experts are saying that hardwood floors will continue to be the choice for discerning remodelers in 2013. Lighter stains and broader planks will be flooring guests in kitchens across the country this year.

That being said, hardwood floors can be expensive to install and a hassle to maintain correctly. Luckily, there are other great options to get that same look: engineered wood and porcelain tiles made to look like wood can provide that warm wooden feeling, without sacrificing durability, water resistance, and easy maintenance.

Get Appliances That Work For You – When it comes time to populate your kitchen with appliances, it might be wise not to follow the latest trends. According to this article, commercial ranges and deep, single bucket sinks are ‘all the rage’. At Vanrossun, we prefer to recommend appliances that match our customers needs. Many families don’t need a commercial range, and if a two bucket sink works best for you, we think that’s what you should have. Tell us what you need in a kitchen, and we’ll give helpful, common sense suggestions that you can trust.

Check out the original article on design trends if you like, and call Vanrossun (512-263-9855) when you’re ready to make your dreams a reality. We’re happy to come out and give you an estimate for your kitchen remodel, free of charge.


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