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For the month of May, VanRossun Kitchen and Bath is offering an unbeatable deal for your next kitchen and bath remodel. Save 25% on labor and fall in love with your new kitchen or bathroom. We offer excellent financing options so you can be sure that we are there with you through each stage in the process.

Don’t forget, our highly trained staff remodels not just indoor kitchens but outdoor kitchens as well. We all know the Austin summer months can get hot. You’ve been there, outside your home relaxing by the pool or sitting on the porch and you’ve needed to go get a drink or something to eat.

With VanRossun’s outdoor kitchen services, there’s no need to get up, get your sandals on, and walk to the kitchen. Just kick back and grab a drink from your beautiful outdoor kitchen. We can provide you the greatest summer convenience of an outdoor kitchen at the fraction of a cost for the month of May! Don’t wait to get your Austin outdoor kitchen for these summer months and beyond.

Remember These Products for Your Austin Kitchen Remodel

At VanRossun Kitchen and Bath, we’re committed to installing the very best kitchen technology on the market. One product that we love is the Viking Clear Icemaker for your Austin outdoor kitchen. If you’re outside a lot this summer, the Viking Clear Icemaker can make the Texas heat completely manageable. We highly recommend the under-counter Viking Clear Icemaker for it’s 65 lbs. of ice production capacity, its beautiful minimalist style that works with plenty of different outdoor aesthetic choices, and its intuitive control panel. We’re receptive to all your needs and ideas for stylistic choices so we can make any product look good with the rest of your remodel. Mention the Viking Clear Icemaker when you schedule your free estimate with us.

Another great product that we like is the Vigo Waterfall faucet for your Austin Kitchen Remodel. Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bath, the Vigo Waterfall faucet can add an amazing modern touch to your living space. Our trained and salaried employees will take care of every part of the kitchen and bath remodeling process for you, so just tell us what style of Vigo Waterfall you like and we will take care of the rest for you. Schedule your free estimate today!

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