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  1. Sufficient counter space: Think about your dream kitchen and then transplanting this idea outdoors. There is no reason to sacrifice valuable counter space if you plan on hosting parties and doing the majority of the cooking outdoors.
  2. Minifridge: Place a mini refrigerator under the counter to eliminate walking inside to prepare your dishes. This makes everything easier for cooking and can also house your go-to summer beverages.
  3. Grill: An outdoor kitchen is not complete without a grill. This is how you will cook most of your meals outside and is a cookout stable and necessity.
  4. Fireplace or fire pit: By adding a fire pit or fireplace, the outdoor entertainment does not have to end because of chillier weather. Not to mention they add aesthetic value and you can make smores!
  5. Ample seating: Make sure there is enough seating for your family so summer meals can be enjoyed outside. If not at the table, try lounge chair seating and side tables that can be adapted for dinner.

Post Author: VanRossun