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There are many different kitchen styles, but which one will fit your family’s need and aesthetic desires. Here are some of the most popular kitchen design styles to make your decision a little easier:


  1. One-wall: One wall kitchens are typically used in studios or more confined spaces.single_wall
  2. Galley: Similar to the one-wall concept, galley kitchens are ideal for smaller spaces, as they include an island with one wall.galley-kitchens-01
  3. L-shape: This is perfect for maximizing space and having a more open feel. It also allows for a possible dining area.l_shape_kitchen
  4. Horseshoe: A horseshoe takes an L shape or one-wall to a new level with an additional or multiple islands. It is still very open and extremely functional.kitchen_3-1

Post Author: VanRossun