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cozy-fall-patio-Just because summer is ending doesn’t mean your patio usage has to end! In Texas, the fall brings more temperate weather, perfect for enjoying meals and company outdoors. With a little preservation, your patio is in prime use for the fall weather.


-Football cookouts, especially if you have an outdoor television. The fall weather in Texas is refreshing and still warm enough through most of Football season to enjoy gathering with your friends and neighbors to celebrate your team and eat good food.


-Columbus day: Three-day weekends are always an excuse to use your patio. What other time can you have a cookout on a Monday? Enjoy the day off with good food!


-Halloween party: Enjoy the outdoor space with kids and friends by having a spooky themed party with Hors d’oeuvres under the night sky.



Just remember: Wash your patio furniture regularly to fight mildew, cover it in the winter when not being used, keep leaves off your wooden deck so there is no mildew or fungi. Make the leaf blower or broom your best friend.

Post Author: VanRossun