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middle of bath tubEveryone wants their master bathroom to be an oasis—or at least an escape from the rest of your house. Most want their bathroom to be a place of relaxation while still being functional, but this can be difficult in cramped shower/tub combinations. Separate your shower and tub while utilizing all the space you have in your master bath!


Stand-alone tubs make a great focal point for your bathroom, especially if you select a vintage tub with unique claw feet. For garden and jet tubs, you can get creative with paneling and tile to separate the area from the rest of the bathroom. If you have limited space, consider a corner, triangular shaped shower to pair with your stand-alone tub. This will make the shower still feel spacious, but leave room the tub.


One of the most prominent trends we are seeing is placing the tub in the center of the room, which is great for a Jacuzzi style tub. This option works well with high ceilings and large tiles to accentuate the grandiosity of your focal point. If you have the room, the shower can then be an entire side of the bathroom, or at least a corner.


The master bath has endless options with creative thinking and reorganizing to fully utilize the space you have. This can be a simple project to a complete remodel, but a relaxing, beautiful bathroom can be yours!

Post Author: VanRossun