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Bathrooms are a more intimate setting, especially considering the size of some powder rooms. Therefore, color becomes more easily apparent and prevalent. We all know light colors make a room feel larger and dark is more cozy, but what do other colors illicit?

Red BathroomRed: Red décor or paint is associated with classic elegance. Red is a powerful color, but when used fittingly, the room can become slightly dramatic and purely elegant.

gold-bathroom-fixtures-68143Gold: When combined with simple ivory finishes, gold hardware establishes an instant feeling of luxury. Considering gold is associated with riches, when pulled off correctly, gold hardware in your bathroom will display extravagance and comfort.

Green Natural BathroomGreen/Tan/Pale Blues: These colors found in nature will create a peaceful escape. Whether it is the beach or forest, these colors will embody the serenity your desire from the workday hustles.

pink bathroomPink: Touches of pink, although not the ideal for some, embody femininity, glamour and fun. Touches of more neutral hues will also offset bold pink colors, if the chic ambiance is too overpowering.

What feel do you want your bathroom to possess? When decorating or remodeling a master bath, this question is especially important considering the materials and colors used can illicit extremely different results.

Post Author: VanRossun