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outdoor kitchenOutdoor kitchens are a fun entertaining space and serve as an extension of the home.  However, due to the weather conditions, not all the materials utilized inside the home can be implemented in exterior design. Here is a complete break down so you can find the best kitchen materials for your outdoor kitchen:

  • Cabinets:
    • Polymer: Polymer is a plastic-like material that is easy to clean, non-corrosive, and water and stain resistant. There aren’t many color options available, and it can appear to have a plastic look depending on the quality and product.
    • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is ideal for outdoor kitchens because it doesn’t rust, matches appliances and comes in different textures and patterns, but it is more expensive than other options. Also, stainless is known to be difficult to keep clean and can be hot to touch in direct sunlight.
    • Wood: Wood is a great option visually and is much like cabinets found inside your home, but in sunlight the colors of wood fade and wood isn’t water resistant so it can break down faster over time.
  • Countertops and sinks:
    • Granite: Granite offers a great look to your outdoor kitchen and is easy to clean, durable, and heat resistant, but is a more costly option.
    • Concrete: Concrete is durable and comes in tons of different colors and design options, but is not as hard as granite, making it susceptible to cracks and cuts.
    • Tile: Tile is a great, cost effective option and comes in different sizes, colors, types. Although the tile is easy to clean, the grout may require some upkeep, especially in mold-prone environments.
    • Flagstone: Flagstone is a rustic looking option that is cost effective and commonly used outdoors. It can chip and stain, so there is some upkeep involved.

Post Author: VanRossun