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The sink is one of the most high use items in the kitchen, so it needs to be both functional and fasionable.  Modern homeowners are realizing that sinks can be more than just the place you clean up –  they can serve as a unique centerpiece to your kitchen.  Here are some of the popular trends for sinks in 2013.

Vessel or basin sinks used to be mostly used in bathrooms, but are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. Vessel sinks sit atop or slightly recessed into the counter instead of below counter level.  This draws your eyes to the sink which allows custom designs to come to the forefront. They come in a variety of materials including natural stone, metals, glass and wood.  A nice vessel sink can be a piece of art.  They come in all price ranges, depending on materials used and the sophistication of the design.

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Metal Vessel Sink

Prep or entertainment sinks are growing in popularity as a secondary sink in the kitchen to streamline workflow and keep dirty dishes off countertops that could be used to chop veggies or prepare appetizers.  A second sink in the kitchen allows for greater flexibility in cooking and or just an extra space to wash hands before a meal.  These are often installed in kitchen islands.

The “Farmhouse Sink”,  named because they mimic the deep rectangular style found in many vintage rural homes, have grown in popularity due to their large single well configuration that is perfect for larger pots and pans. They are usually crafted in white porcelain are increasingly offered in a range of materials, from fired clay to stainless steel, copper and natural stone.

Some new designs incorporate seamless melds between countertop and sink elements, eliminating the problem of cleaning the tiny crevice where the sink meets the counter.  These sinks have taken off due to the unique look they provide. These sinks are actualy built into the countertop, which allows your to craft your sink out of the same material you’ve chosen for your counters, creating a very distinct look.

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Trough Sink

If you’ve ever felt crowded in the kitchen while two or more people try to get to the sink, you’re in need of a trough sink.  Longer and leaner than traditionally designed sinks they allow two or three faucets, ideal for home gardening projects or crafts.  These sinks can offer more flexibility for a family of cooking enthusiasts or the gardener that needs more space.  Want to know more? check out the full article at

Popular Sink Trends 2013


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