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Austin Granite remodel countertops
Granite Countertop

Once you look past all the brand names and fancy marketing gimmicks, their are really only six types countertops to choose from:  natural stone, ceramic tile, wood, Solid surfaces, plastic laminate, and concrete.

The most frequently used natural stone is granite.  Granite used to be found only in luxury homes and upscale kitchens, but today it’s use is widespread.  Prices can vary greatly; expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $250 per sqft.  If your home is in need of a facelift this could be just the item to freshen up your kitchen and breath new life into your home.

Another common material thats been used for over 40 years in kitchens are solid surface counters. Solid surface counters are either 100% acrylic or 100% polyester or a blend of the two.   They are designed to look like stone countertops, but are more resilient to stains and scratches.  They come in an endless variety of colors and finishes.  This allows you to find something that suits your style and taste.

Ceramic tile has faded from many kitchen counters due to shifting trends but is still an excellent choice for secondary work surfaces or back splashes.  It is also considerably cheaper than natural stone or solid surfaces.

Wood Counters are more high maintenance and vulnerable to damage like warping and cracking if not properly maintained.  Traditional wood counters are made of rock maple, but teak, cherry, walnut, and oak are also used.  Priced similarly to Granite at $100-$200 per sqft.  Wood counters are finished with mineral oil to protect them and extend their life.

Plastic laminate counters, also known as Formica, are durable and resilient.  At only $2-$3 per sqft they will fit anyones budget and come in a large variety of colors and styles.  They come in 1/16 inch thickness general purpose and 1/32 inch thickness vertical grade.

Lastly Concrete Counters are increasing in popularity due to modern manufacturing and finishing processes.  Much different than the concrete counters of the 1980’s, modern concrete counters are precast and delivered fully cured and finished.  At only $85-$100 per sqft these are reasonably priced for most budgets.

Now that you know what you can choose from, time to get out there and look at some counters.  Spring time is around the corner, and there no better time to brighten up your kitchen and invest in your home.  If your interested in learning more about counters visit the article that inspired this blog post.

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